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Hands-on Editing: red-pen corrections on a manuscript page
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Your Writing Is Our Business

      Perhaps you have professional correspondence, advertising copy, text for your website, or even a novel; and you know the content is essentially what you intended, but you’re concerned that the punctuation and grammar aren’t correct, that your spelling or choice of words might be in error, or that the syntax isn’t logically clear.

      Well, you’ve come to the right place.

      Present Perfect Editing will take what you’ve written and hand it back to you transformed into a more precise expression of your ideas. Think of us as an insurance policy for your composition.

      No one knows your intent better than you — what you want to say in that product description, mission statement, memo, blog, or manuscript — but we know how to improve written communication by removing the defects.

      Trust us with your written thoughts, and presently they’ll be flawless.

present perfect: a verb tense used to express action completed in the present
(An example of present1 perfect2 would be “You have made a wise decision.”)

   1. We perform your work in a timely manner.
   2. Your satisfaction with your own writing is our chief concern.


         Just so you know, regardless of displaying hand-written corrections in our
    header and employing proofreaders’ marks throughout this site as artwork, we
    don’t edit your documents on paper anymore — or send them back via Pony
    Express. You’re not required to decipher those symbols, but you should take
    some comfort in the thought that we’ve been doing this for so long we know
    what they actually mean. These days, however, we employ computers and send
    you back fully corrected documents via email.

— Conscientious Proofreading at Affordable Prices 

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